Monday morning motivation

Do you suffer from that dreaded Sunday night feeling? It starts to creep up on you late Sunday afternoon and eats away at you until bedtime. The thought of the following working week fills you with fear. You don’t want to go to bed and accept that the weekend is over.

This is not uncommon. Whatever the reasons are for your moods, you need to address them and work out why you are feeling this way. Is it because the weekend was a let-down? Do you hate your job? Once you have recognised the pattern you can start to do something about it. By setting realistic goals you can begin to break the cycle.

Below I have listed three short-term ways to try and alleviate that dreaded feeling. It may take a few Sundays to have an impact, but you’ll be amazed at the difference these small changes make.

1. Try not to spend the whole of Sunday worrying about what looms ahead. Make sure you always have one fun activity planned. This could be the gym, park, Sunday brunch, or a quiet night out with friends.

2. Don’t put off the inevitable. We can’t control time. Monday will always rear its head. Try and stay positive. Recognise your feelings, but remember that this will more than likely pass the next day. Prepare for the week ahead; iron clothes, make packed lunches, pack laptop, look out travel ticket/money. By putting yourself in control, you will start to feel better. Knowing that you are organised for the day ahead may mean an extra 10 minutes in bed, without rushing around and being late, which you can look on as a bonus.

3. Run a nice relaxing bath. It is advisable not to drink any alcohol. It may make you feel better in the short-term, but alcohol disturbs our sleep patterns and doesn’t let us get into a really deep sleep that we need to be refreshed and energised the next day. Read a book/magazine, watch your favourite film, paint your nails, and relax! Phone a friend, but don’t fall into the trap of moaning about the working week ahead, or all your hard work will have been for no reason and will fill you with negative energy.

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