Ending the interview

We have all feared the dreaded saying ‘any questions?’ at some point in our interview histories. How many times have we practised questions to ask at the end of an interview, only to find out they have already been answered! What do you do? You have always been told to ask something! A good one is, if you are really stuck, is ‘when can I expect to hear from you and what is the next stage?’ A second interview may take place before any decisions are made, so it is good to know. Below are some questions you can ask if they haven’t been already answered:

• How will the company help me develop?
• What are the most important objectives of this position?
• Can you tell me how the role relates to the overall structure of the organisation?
• How would you describe the work culture?
• How is performance measured and reviewed?
• If I do get the job, when would you like me to start?

I think it is also productive to send a thank you email a day after your interview. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. ‘Is that not a little bit sycophantic?’ Picture this: you gave an excellent interview, clicked with the interviewers and made it known you were keen on the job. But did you? Sometimes, it is better to put this in writing; give hard evidence that you would be delighted to commence work with this company. It doesn’t have to be long and rambling, just enough to register your interest and keep your name fresh in the heads of those who interviewed you. Something along the lines of:

‘Dear [name]

Thank you for meeting with me this morning/afternoon to discuss the [Office Administrator] position. I enjoyed our conversation, and I am very excited about the possibility of joining your team.

The job seems to be an excellent match for my skills and interests. I appreciate the time you took to interview me and I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you regarding this position in due course.

Best wishes


Now imagine that the interviewer thought you would be a great fit within the team. But they are struggling to decide between you and one other person. And imagine if you were the only one that took the time to contact them and express your interest. Which person would you choose? The one that showed initiative and courtesy, or the one that kept silent? A quick, six sentence email may be all that stands between you and your dream job.

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