Monday morning motivation

Do you suffer from that dreaded Sunday night feeling? It starts to creep up on you late Sunday afternoon and eats away at you until bedtime. The thought of the following working week fills you with fear. You don’t want to go to bed and accept that the weekend is over. This is not uncommon. […]

Sunday night insomnia

It is very difficult to feel motivated if you suffer from Sunday night insomnia. You sleep like an angel at the weekend and during the week, but when Sunday night comes round again you’re left tossing and turning. Most of us who predominantly working during the week tend to go to bed later on weekends. […]

Negotiation techniques – part 2

You’ve found a time when your manager is free and is prepared to talk. Now it’s time to begin. But where? It’s also best not to start with ‘I want a pay increase/promotion.’ Take time to prepare for your meeting. Write down what you want to say, and how you are going to say it. […]

Negotiation Techniques – part 1

Once you reach your goal, complacency will set in after a while. This is only natural. But as mentioned previously, your classic career goalposts can change. Personal and professional dynamics alter throughout our working life, which could mean what you once thought was your ultimate goal is no more. But what if you are happy […]

Starting Afresh

If you’ve been in the same role for an extensive period of time, you may begin to feel like you are stuck in a rut. I’ve been through it; you start a role and before you know it, 20 years have passed and you wonder how on earth that happened?! Sometimes, it’s good to start […]

Appearing confident

If you practise all the skills mentioned in previous columns, you will be well prepared for an interview situation. However, we are all human and we all deal with situations differently. We are quick to judge and sometimes how we perceive someone isn’t how they perceive themselves. The confident person in your office may always […]

Ending the interview

We have all feared the dreaded saying ‘any questions?’ at some point in our interview histories. How many times have we practised questions to ask at the end of an interview, only to find out they have already been answered! What do you do? You have always been told to ask something! A good one […]

Competency-based questions

Most interviews nowadays consist of competency based questions. Competency based questions are questions where you are asked to provide real-life examples and describe a situation where you demonstrated something in, like finishing project, or using your initiative, or negotiating effectively. By putting pointers of these in your CV or application form, you have already provided […]

Body language

Social skills and body language play an important part in the interview process, from the second we walk into the room. Body language can tell us a lot about a person, for example, if they are confident, outgoing, withdrawn. It can take an interviewer about 7 seconds to make up their mind about a candidate, […]

Dress to impress

Preparing the way we look for an interview is important. We need to impress, not just with the way we verbally present ourselves, but also in the physical way we present ourselves. Our dress sense says a lot about who we are. It is good to be unique and dress how we see fit. But […]